DATABASE WEBWORKS has created a number of database-driven websites, some of which are publicly viewable and some of which were created as internal applications for large companies.

Here is a sampling of publicly viewable sites:

Trendz Salon (E-commerce site)
(E-commerce site)
RedMountainGalleries (E-commerce site) (E-commerce site)

Cambridge Rentals
Berkshire Houses
BriefDating for Western Massachusetts The Smart Dating Directory Expert Advice on Love & Dating
Northeast Association of Realtors - Massachusetts
Berkshire Realtors - Massachusetts
International Webworks
Live Lead Network
Lead Flow Experts

The Following Applications -- Project Cost Tracking, Project management and Reporting, Supplier Document Tracking and Document Tracking -- were developed by Database WebWorks as secure, password protected database-driven websites for ABB, Inc. Though they are not available for public viewing, private demonstrations of some of these systems can be arranged -- contact us at 413-527-5491.

Project Cost Tracking: This system provides easy access to project cost tracking database which keeps detailed records of labor and purchase costs for hundreds of projects.

Through the web interface, projects can be listed by department, project leader, project number or searched by title. The first level of information for the found projects include the project number, title, total budget, the amount spent-to-date, and the amount left to spend.

Clicking on a project number gives detailed information about the project. Clicking on the amount spent-to-date gives a detailed break-down of every labor hour charged to the project and all purchases made against the project. This is a secure, internal company application.

Project Managment & Reporting: This system manages a large set of research projects participated in by several companies. The current funding, tasks, status, participants, and results of each project are available at all times through the web database interface. This is a secure, password protected system.

Supplier Document Tracking System: When a large construction project, like the building of a power plant, is undertaken there are many suppliers of components of the total system. Each component has special associated documents which need to be received, reviewed and approved.

This DataBase WebWorks Supply Management Document Tracking System provides a live web interface to an up-to-the-minute database which tracks the receipt and status of each document in the approval system. This system also implements a multistage work flow document review process. This is a secure, multi-level password protected system.

Document Tracking System: This sstem deals with a large procedure manual for a power plant. It keeps track of the status of approximately 60 chapters in the manual.

Users can look up the date when any chapter was changed and download the latest version and enter requests for changes to the procedures which will then be incorporated into the procedure manual.

Reports can be generated showing the details of all changes that were made to a given chapter and/or how a requested procedure change affected different chapters. This is a secure, password protected system.

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