WEB DATABASE technology allows users access to a live database through a web page.

All of the usual abilities of a database, such as searching for information, doing calculations, entering new information, and editing existing information, are available through the web browser.

This means that any application that can be created using a database can be made available on the web. In fact, most companies already have many existing database applications that can profitably be 'webified.'

This page lists some of the general web database application areas, some specific examples, and detailed case studies.

General Web Database Application Areas

Database WebWorks web sites make relevant company information easily available for employees, management, suppliers and customers. All of these applications can be made secure and password protected as required.

Sales And Marketing
Product Specs, Prices and Availability
• On-line ordering
• Sales Leads (internal)
• Competitive Analysis (internal)

Customer Service
• Order Tracking
• Automatic Notification Services

Customer Support
• Support Bulletin Board System
• Frequently Answered Questions (Searchable)

Human Resources
• Company Directory
• Job Postings
• Employee Policies (internal)

Product Development
• Customer feedback on products' strengths and weaknesses
• Wish list of enhancements

Executive Reports (internal)
• provide easy access to company database information
• up to the minute financial status
• project accounting
• project management

Specific Examples:

Note: Each of the following examples could include extensive search capabilities.

• Product/Service Listings
• Program Guide
• Calendar of Events
• Training Schedules
• Classified Ad System
• Listing Service For Real Estate
• Real-time Seminar Registration System
• Special Events Booking System
• Customer Questionaires/Surveys/Feedback
• Company/Member Directory
• Online Auctions
• School/Institute Course Catalog
• Sports Statistics
• Art/Photo Gallery
• Human Resources - Employment Opportunities

Internal Company Use: intranet (not visible externally)

• Project Accounting Financials
• Project Management
• Employee Records

For detailed examples see our Portfolio page.



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